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Bias Investigation in DBpedia - addendum

Created 8 months ago

This addendum is to look into additional information related to the first two stories, if there were any.

The first data story can be found here and the second one can be found here.

The queries attempted in this story is to check for outliers or to attempt to add more value to the previous stories.

Bias Investigation in DBpedia - part 2

Created 9 months ago

This data story is a continuation of the previous one where we asked the question whether the data in DBpedia is biased or not. Reading the previous data story is recommended and is linked here. The aim of this data story is to try to understand the results obtained when trying to understand predicate count between man and woman.

The initial step will be indeed to declare what constitutes as a man and a woman. For this, we take assistance of the previous story in which we did look into which option provides the most results and we found foaf:gender to provide us with the most results. Thus, we use this to create our query which is defined somewhat like this:

"List all predicates with counts of where the subject is male and object is female as well as where the subject is female and the object is male under foaf:gender."

Bias Investigation in DBpedia - part 1

Created a year ago

Bias is anything that changes the outlook of anything to match one's own inclination. This can be seen in the smallest daily thing such as preference of choice of food to possibly decisions taken by a collective. Humans as a whole have a tendency towards bias as every individual has their own opinion. This investigation is thus in part trying to discern the presence and scope of bias in DBpedia as a whole.