A data story about DBpedia

DBpedia is a large publicly available knowledge graph containing information sourced from various wikimedia projects, you can click here to learn more.This data story contains a few queries that demonstrate cool applications for the linked data from DBpedia. There are two queries about tulips and two queries showing timelines.

On the homepage of the DBpedia dataset hosted by TriplyDB you can find several example resources, among which "Cat". With a simple query we are capable of getting a comment that is attached to the resource "Cat", that explains what this resource entails. See this comment below.

With another query we are capable of retrieving instances of the the resource "Cat", that are available inside the DBpedia knowledge graph. Below you can see four instances of this resource (there are quite a few more available however). Three of these instances also had an image. Fun fact: For the two queries below we use predefined variables to make your life easier, click this link for more information.

We can now reuse that query to retrieve instances of other things as well. For example tulips:

We can also create insightful figures. We can for example make a query to create a hierarchy of tulip species:

In the DBpedia dataset there are also many other things, for example information about car brands. We can use this information to create a cool timeline. In the output of this one query you see brand names, car models, years and descriptions, all neatly put together in an overview.