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he Topographic Data Collection is kept in the form of the National Topographic Model (DTM), which contains graphic and attribute topographic data on objects that correspond to an accuracy of 1: 5,000.

The DTM includes topographic data for the territory of Slovenia that comply with INSPIRE guidelines. Geographical names and a digital terrain model are also part of the DTM. DTM data can be used for geolocation of other data in space, as a basis for displaying graphic parts of municipal spatial planning acts and for the needs of digital cartography. They can be linked to data sets of different departments https://eprostor.gov.si/imps/srv/slv/catalog.search#/metadata/972e291a-6cbb-4572-b4df-d18860c5e6ff

from WFS https://storitve.eprostor.gov.si/ows-elf-wfs/elf_au/wfs?SERVICE=WFS&request=GetCapabilities&version=2.0.0

WFS is an online service for accessing Slovenian data on administrative units from the Register of Spatial Units and contains the following facilities: state (NUTS1), statistical region (NUTS3), administrative unit (LAU1), local community (LAU2). The service is made for the needs of the ELF project according to INSPIRE and ELF specifications.