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Country: Sweden

The demand for space on the tracks is high and still on the rise. We need to make better use of the tracks in order to free up and optimise the total capacity. We are now making this possible via more change initiatives in the area of Improved Capacity.

Never before have so many people and such a high volume of goods been transported via rail. Sweden has the most open railway market in all of Europe, with free competition, and today some fifty rail companies operate on the tracks. This represents a tenfold increase in the past 25 years.

The development of the railway is not just an important issue for Sweden. The EU wants to move traffic from the road to the railway, something which has a major impact on us and our work.

It is a great challenge to allow space for everyone wanting to use the tracks. In addition, the Swedish rail network is in need of maintenance and modernisation. These measures also need space on the tracks.