Currently this module does not ...... re described in this ontology.
LKIF Core, version 1.1, copyright (C) 2008, the ESTRELLA consortium
Partner contributions from the ...... tributors: Joost Breuker (UvA)
The LKIF-Core ontology, versio ...... ctions before using this work.
This module is part of LKIF-Co ...... 4 of ESTRELLA, IST-2004-027665
An action is a change which is ...... actual* outcome of the action.
NOTE (OWL 1.1) the action may ...... expression:Intention and Self)
An agent is any owl:Thing which can act, i.e. play the 'actor' role wrt. an action
It is a holder for propositional attitudes
A collaborative plan is a plan ...... n at least two agents a and b.
NOTE: this definition cannot currently be expressed in OWL
An act which results in the creation of some entity/individual
A natural object is an object not created by man.
An organisation is a group of ...... by law or decree) or informal.
A person is an individual agent. Usually associated with 'human being'.