Linked for Resilience

Created on May 30th, 2023

The Linked for Resilience project has its roots in the bachelor thesis of Manar Attar (BSc A.I., Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). In the project, we convert existing datasets about damage reporting to linked data and enrich the converted datasets. We integrate the datasets of Civilian Harm and Eyes on Russia. On this page, you can find the converted datasets. Please consult their corresponding original pages about their licences and related information. The integrated dataset is available upon request. The code is online at

Our website is currently under construction and will be soon published. More details and use cases to come soon at


the geocoordinates of shelters in Kharkiv

The Civilian Harm in Ukraine ( is a project that provides a comprehensive record of incidents by including source links, precise location data determined by the Global Authentication Project and Bellingcat researchers, and a brief description based on visual evidence. This repository provides the corresponding dataset in the form of linked data that can be used for further analysis and research to understand better the impact of the conflict on Ukraine. The permission of use should be aligned with their original licence. The data was collected on 30th April, 2023.

The Centre for Information Resilience launched the Eyes on Russia (EoR)( project in January 2022 with the aim of gathering and verifying media related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The project's primary objective is to provide access to verified information through a database and an interactive map, benefiting journalists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), policymakers, and the public. The linked data consist of the data source, a description of the event, location coordinates, and the extent of damage caused. Furthermore, it includes a variety of classes, including the country name, province, city, coordinates, date, damage level, and source of information. The data can be used for further analysis and research to understand better the impact of the conflict on Ukraine.