A message with important ...... alertdialog and status.
A type of dialog that co ...... og. Also see alert and dialog.
alternate designates alternate versions for a resource.
appendix refers to a resource serving as an appendix in a collection.
A region declared as a web application, as opposed to a web document.
A section of a page that ...... of a document, page, or site.
contains the prime heading or internal title of a page.
bookmark refers to a bookmark ...... within an extended document.
An input that allows for ...... pressed. Also see link.
chapter refers to a resource serving as a chapter in a collection.
A checkable input that has three possible values: true, false, or mixed.
cite refers to a resource that defines a citation.
A cell containing header information for a column.
A presentation of a sele ...... list. Also see listbox.
indicates that the section sup ...... the main content of resource.