Open Energy Platform

Created on Oct 25th, 2022

General Introduction

The Open Energy Family aims to ensure quality, transparency and reproducibility in energy system research. It is a collection of various tools and information and that help working with energy related data. It is a collaborative community effort, everything is openly developed and therefore constantly evolving.

The main module is the Open Energy Platform (OEP), a web interface to access most of the modules, especially the community database. It provides a way to publish data with proper documentation (metadata), and link it to source code and underlying assumptions.

The address the problem of different name and data(base) formats, the Open Energy Ontology (OEO) was developed. The ontology provides a controlled vocabulary with clear definitions of terms and relationships between those terms. Data annotation adds the possibility of enhanced searching functions and logical querying across data sets.


The Open Energy Ontology (OEO) is created as a domain ontology within the field of energy system modelling. It is growing constantly and under a regular release cycle. The latest OEO version is 1.11.0 and its files can be accessed here.