Triply's Prefix Declaration Vocabulary

Created 2 years ago
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This vocabulary allows prefix declarations to be represented for arbitrary resources.

Explanation of this vocabulary

This vocabulary innovates over current vocabularies, which only allow one single prefix declaration to be defined (VANN), and/or only allow prefix declarations to be asserted for ontologies (SHACL, VANN).

At the same time, this vocabulary does reuse those aspects of SHACL and VANN that are generic enough to be reused here. From SHACL the following class and properties are reused:

From VANN the following properties are reused:

The following property is newly introduced by this vocabulary:

The following diagram shows how these classes and properties interact:

classDiagram class rdfs_Resource { } class owl_Ontology { vann_preferredNamespacePrefix: xsd_string vann_preferredNamespaceUri: xsd_anyURI } rdfs_Resource <|-- owl_Ontology owl_Ontology --> sh_PrefixDeclaration: sh_declare class sh_PrefixDeclaration { sh_namespace: xsd_string sh_prefix: xsd_anyURI } rdfs_Resource --> sh_PrefixDeclaration: tp_prefixDeclaration

Use cases for this vocabulary

Examples of resource types for which prefix declarations are commonly asserted include:

Prefix declarations to abbreviate IRIs that appear in the dataset.
Prefix declarations used in (collections of) SPARQL queries.
Prefix declarations that are used in (collections of) SHACL rules.
Prefix declarations that can be used to query service endpoints.

Relation to sh:declare

At Triply we our policy is to not publish direct assertions about nodes published by other organizations, but the intention of the property introduced by this vocabulary is to act as a superproperty of sh:declare:

prefix rdfs: <>
prefix sh: <>
prefix tp: <>

sh:declare rdfs:subPropertyOf tp:prefixDeclaration.