Created on Mar 10th, 2021

Enrich Taxonomy

This query enriches the class definitions in a taxonomy based on SKOS concepts in a folksonomy.

Created 8 months ago, 16 versions

Data enrichment: definitions

This query enriches all definitions by setting a sensible default for the rdfs:isDefinedBy property. The sensible default is the name of the graph in which the definition appears.

The following definitions are considered:

  • classes (owl:Class)
  • datatype properties (owl:DatatypeProperty)
  • object properties (owl:ObjectProperty)
  • collections (skos:Collection)
  • node shapes (sh:NodeShape)
  • property shapes (sh:PropertyShape)
Created a year ago, 4 versions

Data enrichment: concept lexicalisation

  • From skos:definition to rdfs:comment.
  • From skos:prefLabel to rdfs:label.
Created a year ago, 10 versions

Data enrichment: RDF lists

TODO: The current transformation is unable to enrich lists with literal items (the SPARQL engine cannot apply the filter(isLiteral(?value)) clause reliably.

Created a year ago, 10 versions