How to model

Created on Apr 25th, 2021

This data story presents the idiomatic approach for modeling value lists.

1. Source data

We will create a knowledge model and information model for the following source data, recording the status of buildings:

To keep this report somewhat simple, we will not model the buildings themselves, but only their statuses.

Linked data uses IRIs for universally unique identification. The IRI strategy is a specification that determines how new IRIs will be created to denote objects. It is part of the Triply approach to specify the IRI strategy before the first IRI is created.

This chapter introduces the Triply IRI Strategy Template. Triply users can instantiate this template in order to generate their own IRI strategy in a simple way. Triply guarantees that the IRI Strategy Template follows linked data best practices and avoids many of the pitfalls that are commonly encountered by linked data users that roll their own IRI strategy, or that have no IRI strategy at all.