International Institute for Social History (IISH)

iishCreated on Feb 7th, 2020

The IISH is a unique institute, serving science and society on a global scale. At an international level, we generate and offer reliable information and insights about the (long-term) origins, effects and consequences of social inequality.

To promote this, we form an international hub for social historians worldwide. We offer and produce historical sources and data, facilitate social-history research and collaborate internationally in ground breaking research projects.

Moreover, by preserving the heritage of often oppressed social movements, the Institute serves the quality of the world's memory. With our work we hope to contribute to a vibrant civil society.


"Which countries were ever called 'Germany'?"

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In this query we supply a geospatial coordinate (in this example:somewhere in Berlin), and return the historic claims of country-hood at that location.

Natural language question: "Which countries were ever claimed to include this geospatial point?"

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