IOS Press

Created on Jan 14th, 2021

IOS Press is an independent, international STM publishing house established in 1987 in Amsterdam. One of our guiding principles is to embrace the benefits a lean organization offers. While our goal is to keep things simple, we strive to meet the highest professional standards. Our business practices are straightforward, transparent and ethical.

Our dedicated and experienced employees are our greatest asset. Guided by our core staff in Amsterdam, we manage a global network of editors, authors, librarians, representatives, agents, book importers, content hosts and typesetters, who all actively contribute to our business. We value and sustain long-term relationships with all of our contacts.

We prefer informality and are open and flexible in our daily business. Our streamlined organizational structure enables us to minimize bureaucracy and communicate on a very personal level, quickly and efficiently. We want to make working with IOS Press a pleasant and rewarding experience.

IOS Press is a reliable partner for any publishing project. We are committed to quality and meeting the challenges of juggling constant deadlines. Since the STM publishing industry is rapidly changing, we devote substantial resources into staying on top of new technologies and into driving innovation. Homepage:


This linked data portal contains linked metadata of all IOS Press books and journals, as well as embeddings of all full text.

This newly released second version offers an improved user interface and twice the number of datapoints, now offering linked data for more than 132,000 journal articles and book chapters, over 330,000 authors resulting in more than 16 million triples.

Our linked data is openly available to the public, so it can:

  • Enrich third party datasets
  • Further unsilo research data
  • Incentivize new discoveries

We invite you to explore the data through our data browser, download our entire dataset or just subsets, download our word embeddings trained on the full text of all IOS Press publications or use the SPARQL endpoint search box on this platform.

Version: 2.0.0