Created on Feb 2nd, 2020

Music Vocabulary

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A vocabulary, or music ontology, to describe classical music and performances. Classes (categories) for musical works, events, instruments and performers, as well as related properties are defined. Make sure to distinguish musical works (e.g. Opera) from performance events (Opera_Event), or works (String_Quartette) from performer (StringQuartetEnsemble in this vocab), whose natural language terms are used interchangeblly. The present version experiments more precise model to describe a musical work, its representations (performances, scores, etc) and a musical event to present a representation (a concert). Includes 30 keys as individuals.

Ontology annotation DLiser vocabulary

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Vocabulary to define some annotation properties as subproperties of common terms. Because owl:Ontology resource cannot have properties other than annotation, these terms are defined as owl:AnnotationProperty type in dliser.rdf that is to be imported. However, some RDF application might want those properties to be related to well known terms such as Dublin Core. Hence this vocabulary redefines these properties as ordinary RDF/OWL terms and subProperty of others.