Cell Ontology

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The Cell Ontology is designed as a structured controlled vocabulary for cell types. This ontology was constructed for use by the model organism and other bioinformatics databases, where there is a need for a controlled vocabulary of cell types. This ontology is not organism specific it covers cell types from prokaryotes to mammals. However, it excludes plant cell types, which are covered by PO.

Integration with other ontologies

Cell types in CL are linked to uberon via part-of relationships. The cl.owl product imports a subset of the entire uberon ontology. To see all cell types in the context of all anatomical structures, use the uberon ext release.

Cell types are linked to GO biological processes via the capable-of relationship type. CL also links to other ontologies such as ChEBI, pr and pato.

In turn, CL is linked to from a variety of ontologies such as GO, Uberon and various phenotype ontologies.