Open Data Web

Created on Jan 14th, 2021

A Taiwan Linked Data Platform ( build by the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica. The LOD site using CKAN (The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network) to curate more than 840,000 semantically enriched catalogue records (CC0 licensed) across multiple subject areas. Two types of linked data resources are generated: one type is simply described by Dublin Core's 15 elements (DC Version), and the other type is enriched by W3C recommendations (CSVW, DCAT, Org, PROV, SKOS, Time Ontology, general upper vocabularies (Creative Commons, Dublin Core Elements, Dublin Core Terms, Event Ontology, FOAF, r4r, and as well as domain vocabularies (AAT, dwc, GeoSPARQL, GeoNames and txn). Datasets are further linked to external knowledge bases including Wikidata, GeoNames, and Encyclopedia of Life(EOL). Homepage:


This is an ontology for publishing Linked Open Data (LOD) in the Open Data Web. The initial ontology is being designed for implementing Creative Commons licensed data in the Union Catalog of Digital Archives Taiwan. However, the core model of the ontology is flexible and adaptable for other uses in curating, publishing and reusing their data according to users' context.

Version: 2016-06-01