Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi)

Created on Jan 14th, 2021

The goal of Ordnance Survey Ireland's (OSi) initiative with ADAPT is to develop a platform to publish OSi's geospatial data as Linked Data on the Web whilst adhering to best practices in the domain of geospatial information. The publication of Linked Data enables third parties to explore and consume rich data in a meaningful manner via a combination of simple, standardized technologies (e.g., RDF and URI) that operate over the Web's existing HTTP infrastructure. Homepage: http://data.geohive.ie


This vocabulary defines the geospatial information systems concepts of form and function that may be applied to any geospatial feature to classify it or to further describe its shape and use. It extends the OGC GeoSPARQL ontology by defining two new classes and two new properties that may be associated with a GeoSPARQL geospatial feature entity. Most forms and functions are highly relevant for the built environment but any geospatial entity may gain from having a form and/or a function associated with it.

Version: 1.0.0

The Covid Statistics Profile data consists of the up to date Covid-19 Daily Statistics as well as the Profile of Covid-19 Daily Statistics for Ireland, as reported by the Health Surveillance Protection Centre. The Covid-19 Daily Statistics are updated on a daily basis, with the latest record reporting the counts recorded at 1pm the same day. The further breakdown of these counts (age, gender, transmission, etc.) is part of a Daily Statistics Profile of Covid-19, an analysis that utilises the data that dates back to 12am two days previous to help identify patterns and trends.

Version: 1.0.0

The Covid County Statistics data consists of Covid-19 Daily Statistics for Ireland by County as reported by the Health Surveillance Protection Centre. This data links into the OSi county geospatial Linked Data through the Unique Geospatial Identifier (UGI) for each each county.

Version: 1.0.0

The OSi ‘building’ dataset includes a point geometry (ITM coordinate reference system), along with building form and function details. Please see the Geospatial Form and Function (Geoff) ontology (avaliable here) which provides explainations of the different forms and functions of the building data. The following table allows building data to be downloaded in the RDF N3 format. Currently the buildng data for County Galway is available.

Version: 1.0.0

The OSi ‘boundary’ dataset includes a 20m generalised geometry of the boundaries of the administrative units (e.g., county, city, and rural area) of the Republic of Ireland using the ITM coordinate reference system.

Version: 2019