top-quadrantCreated on Apr 20th, 2020

The purpose of VAEM is to provide, by import, a foundation for commonly needed resources for metadata on an ontology.

VAEM stands for “Vocabulary for Attaching Essential Metadata”. What VAEM regards as essential metadata is data about dates and times, confidentiality, and other characterisitic qualifiers of the ontology, but also references to where a ontology is documented and where to find ontology registration for governance, attribution and provenance. VAEM makes use of some properties from the Dublin Core Terms vocabulary.

Version: 2.0.0

Provides a specification of simple data types such as enumerations and codelists. These are needed in support of the conversion of XML Schemas and UML Models to OWL. The purpose of dtype is to provide a foundation for expressing rich data types. These data types are typically needed when dealing with OWL representations of data structures derived from XML Schema.

Version: 1.2.0