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Digital technologies such as Linked Open Data and IIIF create new possibilities for the preservation and exploration of cultural heritage. Cultural institutions are currently exploring how these technologies can make their collections more accessible, both for humans and computers. Simply speaking, LOD can be achieved by connecting collection items to each other and additional information on the web. Institutions do this by creating and adding identifiers (URIs) to their data. URIs are online resources that are used to uniquely refer to something specific, like a person or a place. While URIs exist for places in the world, there aren’t many URIs for places within a city. So called digital gazetteers exist but their place URIs are often not granular enough to describe the location of an artefact. Institutions require urban gazetteers, so let’s make one.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a Work in Progress so place URIs are not stable at the moment. Please wait with linking to these place URIs until after this notice is gone.

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