Time-indexed Value in Context (TVC)



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Sometimes, we need to describe scenarios in which someone (e.g., a person) has a value (e.g., a particular role) during a particular time and for a particular context. Four different things are involved in these kinds of scenarios:

  1. the entity having some value, e.g. a person or a document possessing a role or a status;
  2. the value had by someone, e.g. a role or a status;
  3. the time period during which the entity has that value, e.g. from April 2008 to September 2008;
  4. the particular context that characterises the act of having that value, e.g. being a member of an institution or an editor of a particular journal.

Thought as natural extension of the Time-indexed Situation pattern, this ontological pattern, called Time-indexed Value in Context (TVC), is able to describe these kinds of scenarios.

Version: 2012-06-08