DOLCE+DnS Ultralite

Created 3 years ago
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A lighter OWL axiomatization of DOLCE and the DnS upper ontology. The DOLCE component of this ontology is a simplification of some parts of DOLCE Lite-Plus. Main aspects in which DOLCE+DnS Ultralite departs from DOLCE Lite-Plus are the following:

  • The names of classes and relations have been made more intuitive
  • The DnS-related part is closer to the newer constructive DnS ontology.
  • Temporal and spatial relations are simplified
  • Qualities and regions are more relaxed than in DOLCE-Full: they can be used as attributes of any entity; an axiom states that each quality has a region
  • Axiomatization makes use of simpler constructs than DOLCE Lite-Plus
  • The architecture of the ontology is pattern-based, which means that DOLCE+DnS Ultralite is also available in modules, called ‘content ontology design patterns’, which can be applied independently in the design of domain ontologies. If many modules are needed in a same ontology project, it is anyway useful to use this integrated version.

The final result is a lightweight, easy-to-apply foundational ontology for modeling either physical or social contexts. Several extensions of DOLCE+DnS Ultralite have been designed:

Version: 3.32.0