Information Objects Ontology

Created 2 years ago
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An ontology of information objects, encodings and realizations, as a plugin to DOLCE-Ultralite (reusing mainly the dul:expresses and dul:realizes relations from it). Several patterns are contained inside this ontology:

  • encodings of information entities
  • kinds of realizations (gestural motions, depictions, digital, multimedia, speech, etc.)
  • combinatorial relations between information objects
  • relations between formal expressions and generalized expressions (lexicalizations, formalizations)
  • relations between formal expressions and their assignments in formal semantics
  • relations between information objects and schemata (data structures, KOS, etc.)
  • authorship
  • kinds of linguistic objects
  • copies, reproductions, etc.
  • cultural combination of information objects (reuse, mixing, metaphorical blending).

Version: 1.8.0